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Original Artwork

Artwork Purchase Disclosure

Thank you for considering a purchase from Sarah Farris's collection of original artworks. We believe in transparency and want to ensure that you fully understand the terms associated with your acquisition. Please read the following disclosure carefully:

1. Limited Edition and Originality: Each piece of artwork available for purchase is an original creation by Sarah Farris and is reproduced only once, establishing its status as a limited edition. This exclusivity adds a distinctive value to your chosen piece.

2. Ownership and Rights: Upon purchase, you acquire ownership of the physical artwork. However, it's important to note that all intellectual property rights, including reproduction rights, remain with the artist, Sarah Farris. Sarah reserves the right to produce scanned versions of the artwork for various merchandise such as prints and other products.

3. Usage Restrictions: By completing the purchase, you agree not to use the artwork for any form of independent production or reproduction. The rights to use the image for commercial purposes, including mass production, resale, or any other form of reproduction, are expressly reserved by Sarah Farris.

4. Preservation of Artistic Integrity: This agreement is in place to preserve the artistic integrity of Sarah Farris's creations. Your understanding and adherence to these terms contribute to maintaining the unique and exclusive nature of each original artwork.

5. Appreciation for Artistry: We appreciate your support for the arts and hope you understand that this agreement is not only a legal formality but also a commitment to respecting and valuing the artist's creative process.

6. Contact Information: If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding this disclosure, please feel free to contact us at [Artist's Contact Information].

Your decision to invest in Sarah Farris's original artworks is a celebration of artistic excellence and individuality. We hope you enjoy the beauty and uniqueness that each piece brings to your space.

Thank you for choosing to be a patron of the arts.

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