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Sarah Farris is a Native Hawaiian artist with a diverse background, having grown up in Singapore and California. Graduated from the University of Hawaii with a degree in Marketing, Sarah combines her passion for art with her business acumen.

Her unique artistic style blends elements of pop art and realism, reflecting her fascination with interpreting and expressing pop culture in a creative and visually striking way.

As an artist, Sarah is deeply connected to her Hawaiian roots and seeks to incorporate them into her work whenever possible. Through her art, she hopes to honor her cultural heritage and inspire others to appreciate the richness and diversity of Hawaiian culture.

As an empathic painter, Sarah draws from her personal experiences and emotions to create evocative works of art. Her latest series was inspired by her fascination with the science of Quantum Mechanics, particularly the concept of many-world theories, which eventually led her to explore spirituality and the connection between the two realms.

For Sarah, the act of manifestation is a powerful force that involves sending vibrations and energy out into the universe and bringing them back to reality. She imbues her paintings with this sense of energy, capturing the essence of her emotional journey and transforming it into something tangible.

One of the recurring motifs in Sarah's work is the protea flower, which symbolizes diversity, courage, and transformation. She is drawn to its unique beauty, even in death, and uses photographs of both living and deceased proteas as inspiration for her art. Through her

empathic approach to painting, Sarah invites viewers to connect with their own emotions and contemplate the infinite possibilities of the universe.

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